Looking for the right place...
Welcome to my new website!

I have had a vision for four or five years now of 'The Haven of Hope'. I feel the time is getting nearer to discovering where I am meant to be to bring the vision to reality.
I have had many challenges and experiences since childhood and these have all contributed to the knowledge and understanding I have today so that I am able to help others in many ways.
I have given healing to both animals and people for some time and 'The Haven of Hope' will be the centre for my healing work.

I aim to help horses especially those who may have some problem that doesn't seem to be responding to veterinary treatment as I can offer an alternative chance for them.
I also aim to help children , teenagers or adults who may be finding life difficult for a variety of reasons.
Horses can be very therapeutic and I envisage their help in this project too.

I would like 'The Haven of Hope' to be a friendly meeting place for anyone starting on , or wondering about , their spiritual path so that they can come and talk freely with others and exchange ideas and experiences.
I would like to provide opportunities for people to attend talks or workshops on a wide spectrum of subjects at minimal cost to those attending so that everyone can have the chance to learn or have the experience regardless of financial status.
I have focused completely on my own Spiritual path for the last few years to gain more knowledge and qualifications that will assist me in this project and feel that it is now time to get into action !
I have often lived in 'homes' that were not houses including a showmans wagon , a mobile home , a wooden shed , a barn , a coach. Sometimes without electric or water. I love to be in the midst of nature and living a simple life. I hope to give others the inspiration that living outside of the media driven society can bring ultimate happiness from within.
I will keep this website updated as things progress.