My ramblings .... Sunday 21st August 2011

Angels are all around us - even more at this particular time. They are ready for you to ask for their help. The help may not come in the fashion to which you visualise you need it , but it will come in a way that is best for your 'highest good'.

I believe that we are all on our own individual pathways and sometimes we need a 'nudge' to go in the right direction. This nudge may come in many ways and may even materialise in illness , job loss or relationship breakdown. Whatever , even if you think things are all going wrong , there is positive to come out of the unexpected. To the human mind this may not always make sense , but when you eventually look back things will make themselves clear and you will understand the sequence of events.

I believe life here on earth is the hard part - the learning curve - for our souls evolution. Some of us have been here many times before and have learnt many lessons while some of us are newer to it all and are at the beginning of our progression. You may find at this time that you are distancing yourself from certain friendships or even family members or acquaintances and the cause of this may be of concern to you. Try not to worry - it is now a time of great change and people are moving forward spiritually at different rates. If you are no longer in the same 'vibrational' level then these relationships may falter. Other people can be in our lives for a certain period of time to either help us through , support us or help us learn an important lesson , but then it is time for them and us to move on. Do not worry about this - it is all 'in order'.

Also I think now is a time for people to learn to take charge of their own lives , make their own decisions and be reponsible for themselves. If you know someone who you think 'needs help' try not to take over and organise them , but just be there for them. Put ideas their way , be a friend , a listening ear and above all love them for who they are. It is their life and what we think may be best might not ultimately be best for them and their journey. It is difficult to stand back , especially when you are a caring person , but how else will the person gain empowerment of their own life ?

Love is the most important thing and nothing else really matters. Try and love everybody regardless of whether they fit into your 'ideal'. Who is to say who is better than another ? We are all one. Rejoice in the diversity of people , ideas , beliefs and cultures.

Many nomadic tribes still manage to exist today. Their lives are simple but they often seem to be smiling and happy. Greed has been the downfall of our world in many ways. It is the basis of many problems that exist today. The good news is that there are many people now bringing light and love and understanding to the world and changing the future.

Many 'new' children are being born to help us move into a more loving caring world. These children will live from the heart and their shining light will reach out to others. They will not tolerate deceit and lies. They will be another part to the puzzle that will save humanity.

The future is bright - the getting there may be strewn with some challenges - but the journey will be well worth it !

Hope is what helps us through when life seems challenging. Hope lifts us and propels us forward. Looking for the ray of light will provide the hope to keep us moving onward and upward. Caring for our body and mind is important for our overall wellbeing.

Do you know how the chemicals in foods affect our own individual bodies ? Much pre packed food contains ingredients that may not be good for us .... have you read the labels ? Amazing how many 'extras' are added. Our bodies were designed for a natural diet so eating fresh foods whenever possible (organic even better) is doing the best we can for ourselves.

Fresh air and exercise go hand in hand. Whenever possible be surrounded by nature , be in the countryside or visit a local park. Listen to the birds singing , the breeze rustling the leaves , the insects humming. Take time to hear what is going on in the natural world. Make contact with the earth beneath your feet. See the colours , the birds , the butterflies. Take wonder in their being.

Quieten your mind - even for a few minutes to start - then you will feel the benefit as these days Life can be so hectic. It may not seem easy to do at first as our minds whirr with things that 'must' be done , but keep practising and it will happen. Choose a nice quiet place to be at one with yourself. At-one-ment.

Is there anyone you need to forgive in your life - including yourself maybe ? We all have regrets , but dwelling on them or holding grudges means that we are keeping that emotion in our body. Try and forgive whoever has caused you hurt so that you can move on from that point and so can they. You can do this yourself without involving the other person. Say out loud ' I forgive you (name of person) for not being the way I wanted you to be' This says it all. The past can not be altered , but you can move forward with compassion and understanding.

Do you feel good about yourself ? Each and everyone of us is a unique individual and we are all worthy of living an interesting and fulfilling life of happiness. We can't just sit and wait for it to happen - there are lots of opportunities available to enrich your life. Positive thoughts and positive actions can bring great results. Change the energy around yourself. We all have choices.

Today is always the most important time. Decisions today can change your or somebody elses future for the better . Live today from the heart.

Have you helped someone today ?

Have you been kind to yourself today ?

We can get bogged down by things in life that seem important to us - but are they really that important ? Do we stress about things that don't really need stressing about ? Take a step back from the situation , breathe deeply and look at it with a calm mind. Things will seem different.

Listen to your emotions. They are there to help you , but often get ignored. If you have a 'gut feeling' then explore the reason - don't just carry on regardless.

Likewise listen to your intuition. It knows better than you think !