Healing facilitator for you or your animal friend.

Please don't hesitate to ask for help if you or your animal friend are in need of some healing energy coming your way.

I can come and visit the animal in it's home or else I can 'send' healing (this is called distant healing.) I am based in Suffolk.

I love working with horses especially and have many years experience.

With animals , even if the vet has said that they can do no more , it is still worth giving healing a chance. Over the years I have seen many animals recover and go on to live a healthy life.

It is not for me to say the outcome of any healing work , but I have faith that the best will be done. If it is not to be recovery and it is time to go then the remaining lifetime will be made easier for them , including their passing Whatever the outcome the animal receives help for its 'highest good.'

With animals I usually work 'hands on ' and the 'owner' will often notice signs to show that the healing is being received. Horses often yawn , lower their heads , close their eyes , rest a leg , lick and chew etc. They can even stretch like a cat or gasp ! Cats who may not normally be friendly with strangers often surprise 'owners' by readily accepting hands on healing. Dogs often settle and lie down contentedly followed by a good sleep.

Over the next days owners can often see a difference in their pet. Some times one visit is enough and other times a few more visits may be necessary depending on how much help is required.

I have worked with rescue horses , horses with 'problems' and unknown histories , horses that have been abused in some way often by a previous owner , horses with lameness and other ailments and horses that the vet has no answer to. The healing not only works physically but emotionally too.

Horses are usually very stoic creatures and carry on regardless wanting to please. If a horse isn't happy they may be carrying a burden from their past which I can help them to release. 


I don't charge a fee for my healing because I am fully aware that often people have spent a lot of money on vets bills and that healing is often seen as a last resort , and an unknown quantity to many. I don't want money to stand in the way of any animal receiving help. If someone wants to donate towards my travelling expenses and work then it is gratefully received.


I also work with people which is handy because often the owner may be in need of some healing too. It can help both physically and emotionally.

With people I work 3 to 4" away from the body so there is no touching involved. You remain fully clothed , but may feel more comfortable removing your shoes. Healing can be given either while you sit or lie down. Whichever suits you best. It can be indoors or outdoors (Weather permitting !)

A session can be anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The length of time is because many people need to talk and this in itself is a form of healing - and often once the talk starts it flows. I always allow 3 hours of my time per person to make sure that the session is not rushed and never has to end abruptly and that there is time if necessary to cover any issues. Sometimes the healing itself can bring about a necessary discussion on something that has been locked away , often for several years.

If you feel I may be of help to you or your animal friend please don't hesitate to get in touch. I have many years experience and have witnessed many amazing results which keep me in awe of my work with Spirit.

Linda Johnson, Suffolk


I can also send healing (distant healing) and all I need for this is the animal's or person's name. No other information. Whatever help is appropriate for them will go directly to them.

This way I can help where ever in the world you may be. The reason I only want the name is because the real problem that needs help may not be evident to the requester so it is better for me to work with the person or animal without any such input. This leaves a clear pathway for the person or animal to receive and process the healing energy without preconceptions.

'Healing' isn't something that I do for you ... it needs your willing participation too. I am the facilitator so that you or the animal can do their own work to bring themselves back to wellness. We work together.