A new way to understand Autism

The following paragraphs are extracts from the book 'Awesomism!' by Suzy Miller who has kindly given her permission for me to copy them.


'The medical community will tell you that autism is a neurologically based disorder that causes significant difficulty in the area of communication , behaviour and socialisation. They will also tell you that there is no cure. The traditional medical model will focus on what your child is not doing. I can completely understand their point of view , although I do not agree with it.'

'This model sees only the physical manifestation and completely ignores the experience that may be occurring beyond that behaviour. I can hear you saying "Yes , but their behaviours are of primary concern and they do impact my child's ability to participate in life" I completely understand. I also understand that if we are not seeing the whole picture , then we could be limiting the ways to handle those behaviours. Sometimes handling the behaviour is as easy as seeing beyond it.'

'Along with the rise in the number of diagnoses of autism in recent years has been an even greater rise in the number of children diagnosed with ADD , Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADHD , Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

These children have a hard time focusing intellectually , which can drive teachers and parents batty , but it's because they are distracted by their own ability to read energy , to notice things on more subtle levels that the rest of rarely notice. Children with ADD or ADHD arn't stupid. Far from it ! They too are simply using more right-brain skills. But what drives them to distraction is the fact that they can see ... and feel ... so much more than the rest of us. That's their gift.'

'Like the rest of us , they have five senses , but they also have a sixth sense - intuition , another right brain function. They operate from this heightened sense of awareness every minute of every day. They feel and sense their way through life versus thinking their way through. They are multi-experiencers in the highest sense of the word, naturally tapped into an amazing array of multifaceted stimulation, not only from the physical environment but from more subtle energy patterns that most of us miss because we are so caught up in our left-brain concepts of what is real.'

'They are a mirror to others emotions.They feel what we feel and reflect that energy.'

'Drugs mask symptoms instead of solving anything.''

'In terms of evolution , I believe these children are here to demonstrate to us new states of being , new states of how we interact with the world. When we understand their ability to be in the oneness , we can see that they can do what the rest of us havn't been able to do. They sense things at a feeling level.'

'As a parent you're almost undoubtedly saying "I never signed up for any of this! It all sounds very exciting the way you put it , but I just wish I had a normal kid"

Don't beat yourself up for having feelings like that. Virtually every parent of a child diagnosed with autism with whom I've ever worked has expressed the same feelings.. Or they've had the same feelings and couldn't bring themselves to admit it. I understand that this feels like more than you've signed up for. But when you see your child as the amazing being he or she is , brought down to earth gifted with these extraordinary abilities and awareness , this might be the moment when you begin to understand why I redefine autism as "Awesomism"  Because these children are awesome. And as a loving parent who wants the best for your child , so are you.'

'Just having a child that doesn't fit into the box of society you are beginning to learn these skills.'

'He has no expectations of you at all. But he will be most comfortable - and thus feel less of a need to act in the compulsive and often disturbing ways that children diagnosed with autism so frequently display - if you'll stop doing and start being. Get out of the past and out of the future and get into the present moment , because that's not just where you'll find yourself. It's where you'll find your child. Waiting for you. And delighted that you've made the decision to join him there. It is where you will be open to the full scope of what is possible in the moment.'




If you have a child who is on the autistic spectrum then this book, 'Awesomism' by Suzy Miller, is an empowering must for you. (available from www.amazon.co.uk )


Another interesting book is Healing Autism Naturally by Becky Cash


As a healer , I can also help both you and your child.