The reason we come to this plane in the first place is because our Soul decided to come. Then we were born. So if your Soul decided to come here for a purpose , if you are not living up to that you will always feel something missing in your life.

What is it that prevents us from fulfilling our Soul's task ?
It is quite simply our human limitation , our stubbornness , our fear of experiencing humility , our pride , our ego and our resistance to change that prevents us. When you try to fulfil your life with material things it can be as a substitute for connecting to your will.

Making yourself appear happy on the outside in front of everyone , yet being miserable when alone , serves no purpose at all. After all , it is just for show , and for what ? Living superficially will never bring harmony into your life for a simple reason - you are contradicting yourself.
Many of us are somehow aware that we are living in this way , yet we still keep doing it !

How long are you prepared to keep your life this way ? Will it be to the day you die and leave this Earth life without accomplishing much of what your Soul intended in the first place ?

Take a deeper look at yourself , into your own being , and take a good look at what you are doing with your life. Is this the life you really want to live , and the path you desire to continue walking on ? In reality , life is simple , yet on most occasions we do make things more complicated than necessary.

From now on , just set yourself free and begin doing things for yourself and for the right reasons and always with pure intention. Try to discover what is good for your Soul - then do it !

Most of all , always remember you are never alone.

By Joseph Ghabi


Each person comes into this world , I believe , with a Spiritual mandate and the realisation of that mandate is the Soul's aim.

Though we may have hints when we are young , our life purpose often only becomes visible over the course of time , forged through life's trials and errors. We must sort and sift through the childhood memories , social and influences , dreams , emotional conflicts and major life events that have gone into making our lives , spinning from them the fine cloth of our own particular destiny.

Fate is an ongoing creative process of interweaving many bits and pieces of many colours , shapes and textures into a complex whole and beautiful image. We learn from the fates that this is not a solitary task , but one undertaken with the companionship and involvement of others.

By Pauline Battell


Each of you will experience many different roles through nationalities , genders and social status through many incarnations. Do not take your role seriously. It is the quality of performance in each role that determines your Soul's advancement.

Be of service to one another. Be respectful and accepting of your fellow classmates in the School of Life. There are many levels of awareness from your own perspective , but all are working towards their own ascension , whether they are aware of it or not.

All life's experiences are for your own individual Soul's learning. What you consider tragic in your experiences or observations of another , is exactly what is required to endure Soul's learning.

Yes , have compassion , but remember , whatever anyone is experiencing is necessary for their own individual ascension.

Again , there are no sins , just learning lessons. Most importantly be loving to yourself. When you feel that you didn't rise to the occasion , another opportunity will come along , be ready.

Express harmony , balance , order and unity for the good of ALL in the roles you play.

With deep love and appreciation for accepting this challenge.

by The Golden Ones


When you are on your life path you are exactly where you need to be. You are home. You belong. In the midst of this hectic life we become quiet and still and listen to our own purpose , our own direction.

Life isn't perfect. We arn't perfect. And we work within that.

There are skills you can pick up along the way to make our stay here on this planet deep , emotional and meaningful. It is not what we have , it is the quality of our lives . Honoring and respecting ourselves and those around us fills us with gratitude , love , enthusiasm and purpose.

Learning to be compassionate and to love yourself unconditionally you can then let go of your 'stories' - the way you have defined yourself for years , and begin to live from an honest more stable place.

You create this for yourself bringing stability and mindfulness to your life , the people around you and the world. You are then in the world in a peaceful , loving way and that brings peace and love to every one.

You can then realise what your true passions are , what you truly want to spend your time doing , what you know deep inside makes your life meaningful , fulfilling and joyous , and what truly brings you peace.

Everyone has creativity, insight , wisdom , knowledge and the power to make it all work to create an inspiring , meaningful life of love , attainment , enjoyment and peace.

Listen to your heart.

By Dharmanotdrama


Would you like to follow your heart , but your mind or something else is stopping you?
Does it feel uncomfortable , uncertain , or maybe even confusing to follow your heart ?
What you are experiencing is very normal and very common.
It is just the sign that you are heading in the right direction , because your mind and body are making adjustments to a new way of being and living.
You want to follow your heart , but it doesn't make 'sense.' Your mind wants proof that heart-centred living works.
The only problem is that you won't get proof until you learn to follow your heart.

It will feel awkward and weird at first , but once you see that your heart is leading you on exactly the path you need your mind will automatically begin to trust.
Your heart is connected to something much 'bigger' than you. You may call it spirit , the unconscious , god , higher-self or the universe. The label doesn't matter.

You don't have to stop using your mind because it definitely has its uses.What it does mean is that you should aim for a more balanced approach. Let your heart and mind integrate and work as a team.

However , you have to take that initial leap of faith to get the process going. We have been taught that we should know everything before we do anything , and we spend our lives avoiding the unknown , but the truth of the matter is that you don't have to know everything to know enough.

You only have to know your next step , and your next step can be given to you by listening to your heart.
It may come as a gentle nudge , a thought , a feeling , or even hearing a song on the radio. Simply take things one day at a time , one step at a time and develop trust in yourself.

You may overlook messages from the heart because you are looking in the wrong direction. If you focus on the grass on the ground , you will miss the birds flying above.

Keep your eyes open and your focus wide because you never know where your heart will nudge you. The more you follow your heart , the better you will get at it.

It's not about being perfect , it's about trusting the process.

When you are following your heart , and going with the flow , life will seem easier and more colourful.

By wakeupcloud